Budapest, April 4, 2000


Object: Conference on alternating training of engineers

Visegrad, Hungary, May 25-28, 2000




There is a new trend in the development of higher educational training. The vocational element is getting more important.


This trend allows (among others)


There exists different methodological approaches, which are effective to this vocational element. One of these is the alternating training. It can give an equilibrium between university, where the learner receives the academic knowledge and the place of work, where the vocational competence can be obtained.


Following their experience of several years 2 higher educational institutions - CNAM (France) and BUTE (Hungary) would like to accelerate the development of alternating education in Europe Central - Eastern, and initiate the establishment of a European Network on alternating education.


Different European programs related to this education form (Phare, TEMPUS) were coordinated by these institutions with the participation of other, private organizations: Dunaferr Co. (Danube Ironworks Corporation, one of the largest Hungarian enterprise), Ingénieurs 2000 (French association delivering alternating training to several hundreds of enterprises by apprenticeship), IBISTRA (German enterprise).


Alternating training can have various forms (e.g. if a student prepares his diploma work at an enterprise, it can be considered as a variant of alternating education).


CNAM and BUTE prefer a closer, more active, more organized relation between economy and higher education: long term (2-3) years alternating training with several academic and industrial periods (sandwich courses").


We invite you, your institution to participate at a conference, where we would like to present our experience and the participants can discuss the possibility of cooperation related to alternating education. The presence of industrial partners, organizations is obligatory in this kind of activities. If you have enterprises interested, please do not hesitate to inform them about our initiative.


The conference on alternating education will be held at Visegrad, Hungary from 25 to 28 May, 2000. We expect participants from the Central-Eastern European region and from several EU countries.


The organizers can cover all the costs of your stay in Visegrad (hotel, meals). Unfortunately we are not able to pay your travel costs.


We hope that you will accept this invitation and see you soon in Hungary




Charles SOL Peter MOSON




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If you are interested in the participation please inform us NOT LATER THEN APRIL 20, 2000.


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