EU Leonardo mobility project (HU/02/PL/210)




(Prepared by the coordinator Peter Moson, Budapest University of Technology and Economics /BUTE/. This TIMETABLE contains the main activities related to the project objective: practical placements of Hungarian students in informatics and its extension carried out by the consortium, partly financed by Leonardo funds.)


Remark. This project can be considered as the 3rd phase, continuation of INFGERM (HU/00/PL/205) and INFTRAIN (HU/01/PL/217) Leonardo mobility projects. Please see, click Practical placements. Some background information (minutes, project proposals, lists of participants etc.) available by hot word method completes it.





May 19-21, 2001. Consortium Meeting of INFGERM, INFTRAIN projects. Ricsováry Major, Hungary. The consortium members (IBISTRA /Germany/, CNAM /France/, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest Polytechnic, Dunaújváros Polytechnic, Dunaferr Danube Ironworks Co. /Hungary/) decided to continue their cooperation and present the 3rd Leonardo mobility project. 


January 18, 2002. The new mobility project (called INF3) was presented to the Hunagarian National Leonardo Office.


January 17-20, 2002. Consortium meeting of INFGERM, INFTRAIN projects in Zebegény, Hungary. The main ideas of the new Leonardo project (presented on January 18, 2002) were discussed. The consortium applied for the support of 18 practical placements in 2003-04.


June, July 2002. Official information about the acceptation of INF3 project with some reduction (15 students instead of 18, 47.917 € EU support). Signing of the contract. The start of the project is September 1, 2002, duration 21 months.



The description of further activities can be found in the reports (in Hungarian, English summary).