Key Task 8:

to organize a workshop


-to organize a workshop to which primary health care stake holders (Ministry of Welfare, Medical Schools, Nursing Colleges, National Institute of Family Medicine, Resource Centres) and an open university are invited.

-to introduce a model programme

Distance Learning Programme is a model for using distance learning materials and techniques. Thus an evaluation of the results of the project will be made (success and bottleneck).

After finishing the distance education course a workshop will be organized in the Conference Center of Technical University of Budapest in Balatonfüred. As preparation of the workshop the following activities will be made:

-compiling the draft final report

-preparation of the summary of the statement of the assesors and proposals concerning the improvement of the courses

-summarizing all documents, discussion papers, reports developed in the framework of Key Tasks 2-7.

The Swedish and Hungarian members of the consortium and invited experts participating in the implementation of the project will attend the first day of the workshop, where the final report and the recommendations will be finalized. In the second and third days of the workshop officials of the Ministry of Welfare and Ministry of Culture and Education representatives of relevant organizations, bodies, stakeholders of primary healthcare will attend.

After presenting and evaluating the project in detail the proposals for extension of the education including content, methods, accreditation, financial and organizational conditions will be discussed on the basis of discussion papers prepared and dispatched in advance. The outcome of the workshop will be a recommendation for the Ministry of Welfare and relevant organizations and bodies as well as for local governments for the nationwide introduction of distanc education of family doctors and nurses.

The experts of Mid-Sweden University will play significant role in the preparation of the workshop as well as in formulation of the final recommendations.