Key Task 3:

to develop sample distance learning materials on family medicine topic

Sample distance learning materials will be developed on the basis of the list of competencies approved by the Committee of Family Medicine. The teaching package has to contain up-to-date knowledge in the given fields demonstrating all the practical tasks which family doctors and family pediatritians can expect to face in their daily routine work.

To create a distance learning material on family medicine will serve the goals of the National Stroke Program, reducing the stroke mortality and morbidity in Hungary with the assistance of well-trained physicians and nurses in every level.

The main chapters are:

1. The significance of stroke prevention in the health promotion

2. Stroke prevention

3. Basic pathophysiologal phenomena of different stroke forms

4. Clinical stroke syndromes in the family praxis

5. The activity in the stroke unite

6. Stroke management in the family praxis

Some recommendations concerning DE during the development of the material:

-advanced information technologies should be used at least in an alternative way

-separate and combined use of traditional and advanced educational technology should be allowed

-a self-evaluating questioner must be built in the package

-application of self-assessment sheets, study guide, audio-visual guide, written case studies...

-inclusion of video tape demonstration material

-inclusion of audio tapes

-information storage on floppy disks

-use of CD-ROM techniques

-course material delivery via Internet ...