Key Task 2:

To familiarize technical assistants with distance learning techniques / study tour

A study tour must be organized to visit the leading institutes in the field of distance learning. The one-week course offers the possibility to become familiar with the techniques and methods of development of distance learning programme. The participants of the course act as continuous consultants of the project manager, giving him technical support during the development of learning materials and establishment of support structures.

Host institution of the study tour: Mid-Sweden University (MSU), Östersund

Objectives of the visit:

1. to get to know the educational and continuing education, retraining activity of MSU with special regard to branches relevant to healthcare, education of nurses and social workers

2. collection information about the curricula, education structure and requirement of relevant faculties, specializations, continuing education, trainings

3. acquiring knowledge about distance education used in education and training

4. to assess the applicability, adaptability and feasibility of DE course materials

5. to get to know the research background of the education of nurses in general and home care in particular, to build up long-lasting research and education co-operation

6. at the end of the stay: to summarize in a meeting of the delegation with the hosts the experience of the study visit with special emphasis on the opportunity of application or adaptation of methods, structures, etc. in the Hungarian education and training system.

The main topic of the visit, determining the further deal of the PHEIDIAS project, is the prevention, medical treatment and rehabilitation concerning stroke.