Key Task 1:

To assess the feasibility of using distance learning materials and structures / to define and select target group

The feasibility of using distance learning materials and structures among family doctors and nurses must be assessed. On the basis of a need assessment and by the list of competencies determined by the College of Family Medicine, a plan of development of a distance learning programme must be provided.

The selected Resource and Training Centers:

-Családorvosok Egyesülete, Debrecen

-Pécs-Baranyai Orvosklub, Pécs

Both of these centers are included in the network of regional distance education centers, established by the National Council of Distance Education in 1992. Besides 6 regional centers in in Debrecen, Szolnok, Pécs, Gödöllõ, Veszprém and Gyõr hosted by universities or colleges 4 new regional DE centers will be established soon with PHARE support: in Miskolc, Szeged and 2 centers in Budapest.

This network offers tools of DE in family medicine and homecare. The work and co-operation in the framework of PHEIDIAS will result in experiences on the way of collaboration and prepares the identification of the feasible methods of the extension of network.

Since the regional DE centres are in close cooperation with the local universities, the selection of those cities for the implementation of the project, where both regional DE centre and medical university exist, will result in the enhanced co-operation and through this, as multiplying effect, the penetration of new methods in the education of students of medicine.

The action will result in a study and proposal on the operation of the centres. the target groups organizational issue and the way of extension of the network.